Sports and Games
The school provides a number of Co-curricular activities under the guidance and supervision of trained staff. The school has a number of play fields and facilities for the following games along with systematic coaching.
Football Throwball Badminton Basketball Athletics
Table Tennis
Volleyball Cricket Yoga
P.T. / Drill

VPSPS richly contributes to the sporting arena of the nation. "The battle of waterloo was won on the playgrounds of Eton" emphasises the need for the strong training in games and sports. All the popular games are played here. The school is one of the most privileged school in the country which has been adopted as the regional centre by the Sports Authority of India. The center is under the supervision of the Principal. Badminton, Gymnastics and Athletics, Kho-Kho and Basket Ball are the five disciplines offered by the center and the selected trainees under the National Sports Talent Contest (NSTC) scheme. They get training from the 5 SAI Coaches who are appointed in the centre.

  1. Kindergarten Park for KG Children.
  2. Gymnastics Hall ( size 110' x 50')
  3. Badmintion Hall (size 70' x 39') with Wooden flooring
  4. Basket ball Courts with concrete flooring & Fibre Boards (2 Nos)
  5. 400 M Athletic Track and equipment of international standard
  6. Volleyball Courts (2 Nos)
  7. Football court ( 1 No)
  8. Cricket field ( 1 No)
  9. Cricket net practising area ( 3 Nos)
  10. Throw ball courts ( 3 Nos)
  11. Table Tennis Tables ( 2 Nos)